Friday 4 November 2022

12 raunchy places to have sex - that will have you leaving your comfort zones

Whilst sex in the bedroom can be thrilling, coming out of your comfort zone and getting frisky somewhere new leads to an adrenaline rush the bed often can’t deliver. 

Here at VavaViolet Magazine, we have listed 12 places to bring back the spontaneity and keep the spice flowing.

1. The Garden

Although sex outside can seem daunting at first, it can be surprisingly sensual; it has many romantic elements, like the scent of flowers or the stars at night. Outdoor activities can be fun; a perfect place to start is on a chair or blanket. Just make sure it is not in full view of the unconsenting neighbours!

2. On the beach 

The thought of sand in all the wrong places may not be your idea of sexual heaven, but the romantic swell of the waves can make you super relaxed. Try to be discreet about this, opting for an adult or private beach.

3. The Car 

Fumbling around in the backseat of your car at the drive-in movies may be the dream after watching Grease; however, logistically, it isn’t always easy. Pulling over in a quiet spot and getting it on can be very hot and steamy; hop in the back seat for a little extra room to spread out or do it over the car’s bonnet.

4. In front of the window 

Again trying not to shock the neighbours, the best time to do this is at night with all the lights out. The thrill of being able to look out, knowing no one can see in, makes you feel like you could get caught, but you won’t. 

5. The Kitchen 

Jump up on the kitchen counter and throw aside the cooking. Spicing things up in the kitchen can be fun and spontaneous, and there are also lots of utensils on hand. So park up, enjoy the ride, and sanitise before dinner.

6. The Landry Room 

If you’re not lucky enough to have a laundry room, the washer or dryer will do just fine. The height of the washing machine makes it perfect for penetration, and the vibrations create a sexy combination. For extra heat, put the washing machine on a hot wash or a fast spin cycle for added vibration.

7. The Bathroom 

There are endless possibilities in the bathroom; nothing is off-limits, from the counter to the shower. Large mirrors can also allow you to take in the view and critique your performance. But, of course, running water also drowns out loud sounds, so go to town.

8. Living Room 

Not known for being the sexiest room in the house, the living room can be the most excellent place for Netflix and Chill! So stick on a steamy film and make your move; after your experience, the living room will never be dull again.

9. Outside 

Although risky, it can also be surprisingly liberating and a perfect way to warm up on a cold winter walk. One thing can lead to another, and you’re headed off the beaten track before you know it!

10. On a balcony

A perfect transition between sex outside and the comfort of your home. If you have an enclosed space in the room, lay out a few blankets enjoy the fresh air and enjoy the time together. Just make sure it is secluded, so passers-by can’t see.

11. The couch 

Comfy and casual, they are ideal for a hook-up. They provide back support and allow for many different movements in the comfort of your home.

12. The spare room 

Although it may seem like a safe option, there is something about the comfort and relaxation of your home that can make you feel completely at ease. So, why not try something new in the spare room to spice things up? 

By Sophie Blackman.


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