Saturday 25 February 2023

Post-climax hallucinations to crying: Meet the most uncommon orgasm side effects known to exist

Orgasms are arguably the best feeling in the world and have many positive effects. They can help relieve stress, boost moods, and even reduce pain. However, some side effects of them can make for a negative experience. From hallucinations to crying, here are the most uncommon post-climax side effects.


Turkish study from 2011 found that of nearly 50 women who admitted to an, "expanded sexual response," 75% noted a feeling of leaving their bodies, and 76% experienced a flying sensation, which is why an orgasm can feel out of this world.

Many women across the internet (Yes, we are talking about Reddit forums) have backed these findings saying they have sensations of flying or out-of-body experiences following an orgasm. 

Some said they were entering a, "cartoon world." 

Equally, many said they experienced an overwhelming feeling of déjà vu following the climax.


Although not widely spoken about, "post-orgasm illness syndrome," is a side effect that can affect men following ejaculation. 

Many describe it as a temporary flu-like state following sex. However, it can last for up to seven days.

Science says that the body can mistake the proteins in semen for foreign invaders forcing your immune system into a response which makes you feel ill.


An article in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine found that sneezing in response to an orgasm, "may be much more common than expected." Nonetheless, the study acknowledges it was likely under-reported due to embarrassment. 

The study identified the stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system (which controls bodily functions when someone is at rest) as the most probable mechanism to explain this and other reported unusual sneeze triggers.

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Although an old and cliché excuse to get out of doing the deed for some, there are people who experience headaches from orgasms - and it can come on almost instantly. 

It can start as a dull pain in the head or neck that increases with excitement. While it may mean nothing to worry about but sometimes can be a sign of something more sinister. 

Many suffer from cluster headaches after orgasm that can last months.


Laughing is heightened following sex and is very common. 

Do not be offended if someone is howling uncontrollably during sex. It can be a sign that you have done an outstanding job. 

The release of dopamine and oxytocin following an orgasm can all play with your emotions.


A good follow-on from the above is again to do with the side effects of increased chemicals in the body. 

Crying after an orgasm can also be called PCD (Post-Coital Dysphoria), essentially sadness after sex. 

In a study, 46% of women said they experienced crying after an orgasm. However, other studies suggest there are no links between tears and PCD. 

It probably means your emotions are running high rather than the sex being terrible!

By Sophie Blackman. 

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