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THE Hot Woman Guide: Flirting and fulfilling the Divine Feminine

Before this writer delves into how to attract such a Lady, know this: to be "Hot" is not defined by physical features, despite beliefs (at VavaViolet, we have an issue with the Dictionary's definition). In our books, and many others, being Hot means you think you are "Cool"; that's it. Now, here's how to at least grab a Hot Woman's short attention span... 

On Dictionary.com, in the British language, the adjective "Hot" is described as the following: "having a relatively high or higher than desirable temperature, causing or having a sensation of bodily heat, causing a burning sensation on the tongue, expressing or feeling intense emotion (such as embarrassment, anger, or lust), intense or vehement (rage), and something that is new (recent/fresh)." 

Now, informally, the Dictionary does refer to someone described as "Hot" as "sexually attractive"; however, it does not define on the page for the word hot what this means, and we all know society as a whole has a pretty peculiar perception towards pretty privilege and the power of wealth - both are messy for sexual attraction for reasons we will dive into another day. When you search the pairing "sexually attractive" in the Dictionary, you will be greeted by: "No results found for sexually attractive."

Nonetheless, whilst the Dictionary is updated slower than this Journalist would like, Urban Dictionary is our next best friend. Although seen as "unofficial" by some, colloquial/slang is exceptionally efficient to learn - especially if you lack type and admire lots of different kinds of Hot Women. Understanding how they speak, their tone and attitude will help address them. Nonetheless, at first glance, it is doubtful you will know how a Hot Woman will act towards an advance unless you're good at picking up body language, even if you have heard them speak their tongue, whether romantic or friendly; you must be braced for rejection. 

In the Urban Dictionary, the word "Hot" is dubbed as simply "YOU," followed by a winking emoji, implying absolutely everybody can be hot, which is true. Beauty, after all, is in the eye of the beholder. It also states that the word implies someone is "very warm" or/and "very attractive". 

We outline the language with such a fine-tooth-comb because it matters to most of our egos; it stops us from reaching out/approaching people we find "hot" because we think we are not. Thinking this way is unnecessary; many "Hot/Cool" people do not care for physical features! A person with a "Hot" character/vibe/aura usually does not cater for their ego when it comes to the body's shell - some do, but most know or grow to learn beauty ages and loses importance. Thus, it is unnecessary in a partner unless a person is more in touch with their vanity. 

To make this guide as simple as possible, we will break down the approach (flirting) and then the chase stage (fulfilling) as much as possible - because there is much to cover! 

We also have a comment on the matter from our resident VavaViolet Magazine Columnist and Forbes-recommended Celebrity Dating Coach, James Preece. Please see his advice at the end of the article.

How to flirt with a Hot Woman

A Hot Woman, who knows she is cool as hell, will most likely know she has some "pretty privilege" factor to her advantage. According to Wikipediabody privilege or pretty privilege is a concept that refers to the economic, social, and political advantages or benefits that are often given to individuals, particularly men and women, based solely on their physical appearance. This could manifest in various ways, such as a person being used to getting what they want, which can be advantageous if they decide they want you. In other words, their physical attractiveness can open doors and create opportunities for them.

The bad news is she's in high demand because of her privilege. Even if she is a true Goblin and lives at home 90 per cent of the time if she has one picture of herself on Instagram, etc., a selection of men will attempt to chase her. She likely has old men tell her to "smile beautiful" when popping out to grab milk. Taxi drivers probably obsessively try and hit on her, and men in the club will try and hunt her down. You are one of these men; you may be kind, considerate, and even handsome, but a Hot Woman will not know this when you approach (It is why first impressions are crucial) - it means that if she is having a bad day or has been hit on by a lot of idiots, she may not be warm and friendly at first. 

What Hot Women say on the matter!

Jizelle, an exotic dancer and "professional minx" at East London's Metropolis Gentleman Strip Club, says her "top tip" is to "not act as though you've already 'lost' before you've 'won'. 

She says having a "You probably won't want to talk to me" attitude is "off-putting". 

The performer told VavaViolet Magazine: "Having this outlook makes a Hot Woman aware she is not yours to gain."

She added: "On the contrary, have confidence that she probably doesn't get approached nearly as much as she should because she's SO HOT. Shoot your shot!"

Jizelle recommends eye contact, confidence, and "keeping it real". 

"Be polite, kind, and generous," Jizelle continued: "Every way you would want someone to treat your favourite woman."

Speaking on chivalry, Jizelle insists men bring it back when flirting with women.

"Some people lead, and some follow. Lead by asking what she wants. If she doesn't know, suggest something. If she knows, do that thing. Approach with a plan; it could be as simple as a park date. But if you can't think of what to do with a Hot Woman once you've got her, why have her?"

Sophie Blackman, VavaViolet Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief and VavaViolet Public Relations Director, advises making a Lovely Lady/Hot Woman laugh to get her attention.

The sex and relationships expert said: “You can not go wrong with laughter unless you are appalling at humour. You do not need to be the next Ricky Gervais; no one will ever compare anyway, but making her crack even a smile is a sure way to get her to pay a little attention - even if catching her on a bad day. 

“When first approaching, aim to get recognition instead of taming a woman, as a Hot one is the trickiest to tame. It could take years of friendship for some of them, usually very picky women, and for good reasons - they have to protect that beautiful aura.”

For example, Sophie, who has a natural tongue on the cockney London side, says one of the best chat-up lines she has received was: “Lovely Little Lady, how can I make you more lively?”

Sophie said: “I was in a bar in London, rolling a cigarette and sipping a cocktail alone. I like to go to bars during the day to write and meet interesting people to base characters on, so when he asked if he could get my next drink, I said, ‘Only if you join me to down it’.

“I particularly like to go to cockney spaces. You can not beat how interesting it is. My Father is cockney; he constantly speaks in riddles and code, and when speaking to someone from London, we both use cockney slang to get points across quickly. Hearing his tongue interested me; that’s what lit a ‘flame’.

“We spoke for hours that day, and it turned into a date, but he was older than me, and I was in my early twenties. I was not like I am now; open to marriage/kids. So, we have never spoken again since. I doubt our paths will cross. We did not exchange numbers, so I will continue being unwed and childless, but the point being, he grabbed my attention - instantly - and I laughed.” 

VavaViolet Magazine's Columnist and Forbes recommended Dating Expert James Preece comment

James Preece, who has transformed thousands of people's dating lives and confidence over the decades and is recommended by many professionals in the sex and relationships industry, recommends a simple "Hello" for a first impression with a Hot Woman.  

The Dating Coach, who hosts an insightful podcast called The Love Machine, which our Editor Sophie Blackman featured, said: "Any interaction you ever made started with a simple hello.

"Yet so many people are terrified to do this if they consider a woman to be 'Hot.

"The reality is that you have absolutely nothing to lose by saying hi with a warm smile. You don't know her, and if she's not interested, you still do not know her. Nothing changes. 

"You have nothing to lose with a "Hello" and potentially everything to gain. Just make sure you do it with confidence backing your introduction." 


VavaViolet Magazine's Editor-in-chief, Sophie Blackman.

Photo credits:

Model, Alexis Noir 

Photographer, She Shoots

Location, 23 Paul Street

PSThis article is being updated LIVE due to demand and missing a promised deadline (thank you for your patience and reading). While not "Breaking News," this Public Relations Officer is a Lively Lady; there is a lot to sort between living up the language, so we will write live... Please refresh the article as you read for updates. 


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