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Reading blogs can sometimes feel like you’re just reading a magazine. You love the article yet you know nothing about the journalist whose words are moving you. When I’m into a blog I like to get to know the blogger, their interests, habits, favourite animal, everything. To me, it’s what makes a blog more interesting, it's personal and that’s what makes it so realistic and relatable. 

You may have read this in my sidebar already but in case you missed it - My name is Sophie Blackman and I'm 20 years old.

I’m no Beyoncé, most of my teenage life I was a size 14, only recently have I become a size 12. Sadly it meant cutting down on McDonald’s and having to do weird workouts and move my body in ways I didn’t know it could move. I'm currently doing Slimming World while blogging full time, working full time and finding the time to go to my nail appointments. 

I have bad days and good days and I won’t be afraid to write and share about both. I’m human and sometimes I do have days where I break everything, spill all my drinks, be a brat and genuinely have a shit day. It happens. I’ve had my heart broken, experienced things that were so unfair, cried till my nose goes crusty but I’ve also experienced amazing things, had amazing people enter and stay in my life and am grateful for literally, everything!

So you want to get to know the creator of VavaViolet? what better way than quirky facts aye! 
  • My name is Sophie, which I find too common and boring so will hesitantly tell anyone I meet politely to call me Soph, also because I’m lazy and Soph is easier to type.
  • I’m a 20-year-old British woman who yes, loves coffee and drinks too many cups a day. I even have a collection of mugs, impressed yet?
  • I have a unique taste in every little thing, from art to an obsession of buying foreign food. 
  • My room is full of quirky interior, from pug duvets to walls filled with pretty artwork I have come across. 
  • Also, another fact thrown into the mix, I collect socks, yes, yes, I am Dobby the house elf. I have over 100 pairs of socks that still have the labels attached...
  • I love taking photos, having baths with overly expensive Lush Cosmetics bath bombs, falling asleep watching a rubbish film, walking my dogs (aka being dragged by my dogs), cracking a dark humour joke that no one laughs at apart from me and drawing.
  • I pretty much hold my iPhone 7 Plus in my right hand constantly, not because I am an unfriendly person but because I have extremely weird fears. I fear that someone will pickpocket it from me or nab it from my bag. 
  • I don’t walk across three drains and I certainly don’t walk under signs or ladders. 
  • I’m an October baby so naturally Halloween is my favourite time of year and I go to town on it.
  • I’ve never been the most popular person and I very much like it that way. I love my friends and spending time with them but I also love my own company now and again. Just browsing my laptop, doing blog related things and watching comedies and laughing away to myself. I think its important to love your own company, at the end of the day, you have to live in your skin day in and day out.
  • I laugh at everything, my jaw constantly aches because I just see the light in every single situation.
  • I am incredibly loyal to those I love and would put someone I love and cherish before me in any situation. 
  • I’m a very generous person. If I go shopping I always get my mum a present. 
  • I want to publish a book. I've written one book and I’ve written the first 100 pages of another and plan to invest every penny if I have to, to make it something one day other than just a word document on my MacBook.

I’m very friendly and approachable if you ever want to chat, tweet me at @vavaviolett or email me at vavaviolett@outlook.com and we can natter away about literally, anything!

Oh and my favourite animals is, I can’t choose I love them all.  

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