Hello! I'm Soph and go by the alias of Vavaviolet. I've been running this little corner of the web for a few years now, filled to the brim with beauty reviews, wish lists, lifestyle, fashion, sex and relationships and anything you could possibly imagine!

I do accept work from companies, however, you should know I am very loyal to my readers/viewers and my opinion will always be honest and my own! Therefore, you can expect an honest review that my readers will respect and believe.

If you wish to contact me for work, PR, or enquiries you can email me at

I answer emails within 2 hours as they go straight to my iPhone (techno geek over here)

If you have a general question you are best leaving a blog comment, tweeting me at @sophie_blackman or on Instagram at @vavaviolett as I see all comments, tweets and messages.


I do collaborate with brands and companies, so this blog is very PR friendly.
If you wish to contact me regarding work or to feature something please do get in touch at

Read this to find out more about the way I work and what to expect from working with me:
Why work with me? Aside from being a journalist and knowing how everything goes down, I will happily work alongside you to create engaging, clickable content. I do have a qualification in photography so you can expect what I like to think is top notch photos (which you are free to use on your social media platforms if credit to 'vavaviolet' is given). I do also have a beauty column in a Hertfordshire magazine so I am very used to working close to PR people and businesses, so let's get down to business aye?
Who have I collaborated with? I have worked with the likes of ASOS, Benefit Cosmetics, Paperchase, John Lewis and much more. I am happy to collaborate with anyone/or comany that appeals to my blog. Beauty, lifestyle, sex and relationships. Let's be real we cover everything here on Vavaviolet!
Do I feature paid collaborations, links or advertorials? I am more than happy to feature your products or write about your brand. These collaborations will always be marked as such, as honesty is the best policy. Please email me with your budget and timescale and we can go from there!
Can you see my stats? Of course, just ask!
What timescales can I work with? I'm an extremely determined and dedicated little thing, I practically work in my sleep. Just email over your deadline or timescale and I'll get right on the job!

Feel free to pop up anytime:)


The majority of the products that feature in my posts and videos have been bought and paid for by myself, however, I am occasionally lucky enough to be sent products to review for my blog/channel. All opinions and views will, however, be completely honest and my own and these products will be indicated with an asterix (*)

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