Monday, 30 May 2016

May Favourites 2016

If you fancy watching a nice long 20-minute video of me rambling about the best makeup out there, good shows to watch on Netflix, the best coffee in the world and everything else you need in your life then here you go! Click below to watch my May Favourites video.


Saturday, 21 May 2016

How to get over a break up | The Soph way

Heartbreak is certainly an experience. Once you’re done being dramatic hitting up your what’s app group chat acting like you’re dying, here’s what to do (I advise you not to take my advice, actually, scrap that, take it)

My personal and favourite tip is you dedicate ONE day to eating your feelings. Dedicating that day to mopping around, eating as much Ben and Jerry’s as you can, crying to all of your friends, your mum, dog, so that you can get it out of your system without feeling guilty. You chew on that soggy popcorn covered in your tears, as you watch the Notebook. Don’t feel bad, heartbreak is extremely hard and you will feel like your world has come crumbling down. Because let's face it you’re grieving, you have lost someone who you loved and without getting cliché it is going to hurt. 

It is okay to be a little selfish and feel like you’re so hard done by, that your life is over and that panic of ‘Who am I going to cuddle and annoy 24/7??’ I brought a cuddle pillow and ladies, it was the best damn £15 I have ever spent.

You need time to hurt because you can’t escape that. I wish I could write and tell all my younger readers especially, that heartbreak is a walk in the park. But I’m sorry, the truth is, it is destroying. I felt pathetic for being upset, I was so hard on myself and literally forced myself to be okay. I’m someone who makes a joke out of everything and genuinely am an extremely happy, bubbly character. So when I first felt these emotions it shocked me, I had no idea I could cry that much. I even googled to see if I needed to use eye drops because I’d lost so much water (I know, I’m an idiot).

After your fun packed day of self-loathing, this is what you’re going to do. Set your alarm a little earlier than normal, you are doing your makeup and hair to perfection today. Pack some tissues in your bag (crying isn’t forbidden yet), avoid songs about love, basically don’t listen to music because it is just all about love and sex. Pick out an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfy and then let me know as I haven’t found an outfit that does both yet. You are leaving the house today, I know day two, I’m a hard cow.

Do something that day that makes you happy, I personally love going to work and my job so I use that as a way to focus on something else but I also like to see my friends. I spend 99% of my time being an idiot, so I spent a lot of time with my friends acting like an utter clown. I’m very lucky to have incredibly supportive friends that I know will always be there for me. So when I sent out the ‘I’ve been dumped’ text, they came running!

A week has gone by now and no doubt you have sent him/her 5,002 texts and are most likely blocked. Delete his number and unfollow them on social media. You need time apart and more importantly, you need to heal. Seeing that they’re at a party shagging some rebound is not going to do you any favours.

That leads me on to my next point, SEX. Yes, bet that got your attention.

We’re all adults here and if you’re under 18, tell your parents I’m sorry in advance. But being real, we have needs. I personally don’t recommend getting underneath someone immediately, there is nothing worse than feeling frustrated and disgusted in yourself. Take your time, don’t force yourself by thinking ‘if I have sex with someone else I’ll be over him’. I’ll save you your time - it doesn’t work like that. Believe me, I tried. Find someone who will give you cuddles, not chlamydia.

People get judged too harshly on their ‘sex life’s’, so do what makes you happy even if that is having a rebound (I won’t judge) and wear a JLS condom during the process, you know for the banter and to be safe.

I got over my last breakup mainly by accepting it. I realised that was that the plug had been pulled and I needed to carry on living. I saw no point in beating myself up over it and frankly, my nose goes crusty when I cry and I really cannot be dealing with that. Or buying tissues, £4 for a box, no thanks! I went out clubbing, made the most of being single and used the time to drown myself in the benefits of single life. Having my double bed to myself yupp, that is pretty much it.

You will look back and laugh at that time you were crying so much during the Notebook that you choked on your popcorn and threw up, I promise you that!

Sometimes I walk into my living room and look back at the time I laid on my sofa for three days straight, I called into work sick for a whole week, told my mum to get lost like 100 times as she tried to dab my tears away (bless her). I was literally a state. But I laugh at it now, I remember I was crying while watching a film about love and as I cried I choked on some really cold Ben and Jerry’s which made me cry even more because I thought I was going to die. Which of course, I wouldn’t have, ice-cream melts Soph….

How do you get over breakups or what would you recommend?


Friday, 20 May 2016

Everybody wants to be a cat! - Nails of the Week

Some days you want badass hot pink nails and well, sometimes you just want to be a cat. As the Aristocats would say ‘Everybody wants to be a cat’.

Funnily enough I’m not a big lover of leopard print and I only like it in tiny amounts. You will never see me sporting a leopard print hoodie or trainers. But now and again I like to spice up my life with a teenie tiny bit of the print aka my nails or if I’m feeling really badass I do own a pair of faux fur leopard print boots (which yes you guessed it, I have never worn).

So this week I suppose I am spicing up my life!

What do you guys think?

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Modern dating destroyed my ego

It's such a ball ache isn't it? By the time you've spent 5 seconds deciding whether to swipe right or not for Oliver who says he is 24 but really looks way over 30, been ignored 20 times, unmatched a couple of times and then for them to disappear after a first date it all kind of seems not worth it.

Being a single, I'd like to say averagely sassy young woman I feel as if already I am giving up on the idea of dating. Is it my age group who seem to only want to fuck in a car and never speak again or is this just modern dating? Do people sit and learn about each other anymore, do they discover if they actually like that person for who they are, do my quirky weird habits really not interest anyone? Where are the deep late night conversations, politic debates, dates where you actually leave knowing that person more than when you strolled up to them all nervous.

Or has my ego taken more of a knock than I thought. No in fact it's worse than that. I no longer care if I get rejected, if they suddenly never reply again it doesn't surprise me or hurt and that's awful that I think like that. The fact that I expect it to happen not only kills the excitement but also makes me ponder the question, is modern dating just a game?

Then there is the 100 question game you play with yourself when you start talking to someone new or before a first date, will my awful tattoo put them off? Will they think I'm too bubbly? Too short? Stupid? Will they care that I'm quite open? When really lets be bloody real. If they like you, they like you. If they meet you and don't like you, well, to be honest you can join my Tinder squad of fuck boys that I have collected and you will probably never cross my mind ever again. That's a lie you will because you've stabbed my ego.

You begin to start thinking, is my laugh that awful? Am I dull/boring/unfunny? When in reality its most likely because you didn't send a nude, or answer their 2am booty call or fuck them after a glass of wine and a dull conversation where it gets so awkward to the point  that they ask what your favourite colour is. It's pink by the way in case you're wondering.

I'm done playing this stupid modern dating game, I am officially throwing the board game across the room and packing it in (aka I'm deleting Tinder). I love my goofy laugh, I'm passionate about politics and current affairs, I'm short, I will send you cute pictures of my dogs, I cry at sad films, I will ask about your day, happily pay for a date and you know what I even love my stupid moon tattoo. So if you're not interested tell me, in fact just be honest with girls and girls be honest with guys. Tell me you're not interested don't just go cold turkey like a child in primary school, I'll respect you and in return I'd probably reply something witty like 'okay well any of your friends fit and single?'

What are your takes on modern day dating? 


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Fashion inspiration - creating a mood board

Ever since I was a little girl I have always created mood boards to inspire me when I am in desperate need of sorting my life out in some way (which is like every single day).

Recently I have been in quite the funk when it comes down to my wardrobe. I’m just bored of everything, feel like I don’t dress how I want to and am basically having a midlife crisis.

So I created a mood board in an attempt to inspire myself. I have an edgy style deep down which is constantly held back by having to wear office smart wear 80% of my life. But you can easily add your edgy or unique style into your work outfit by pairing your crisp white shirt and tight black trousers with a bag with studs on the bottom of it, or massive sunglasses that hide your entire face (personal fave).

So ladies I highly suggest if you are in a funk create a mood board, stare at the mood board and let the mood board guide you. Thanks to the mood board I am now on the hunt for a new wardrobe, my poor bank….

What do you do to inspire yourself when you’re in a funk?


Monday, 16 May 2016

Things are getting finger licking good as KFC release edible nail polishes

Fast-food retailer KFC have launched a line of rather odd yet edible nail polishes that taste like its famous fried chicken flavours. They weren’t kidding when they said their chicken was finger looking good…

Sadly (and yes I say sadly as although part of me thinks my nails smelling of chicken is disgusting I do so want to try it out just once. Don’t act like you don’t!) The limited edition nail polishes are being released in Hong Kong, so let’s all keep our fingers that don’t currently smell like chicken crossed that they are sold in the UK soon.

The polishes created by the marketing company Ogilvy & Mather teamed up with the spice company McCormick made two shades, Original Recipe is a nude shade, while Hot & Spicy is a fiery orange colour. 

Ogilvy & Mather creative director John Koay told Ad Week: “The recipe for our edible nail polish is unique and was specifically designed to hold the flavour, but to also dry with a glossy coat similar to normal nail polish.”
KFC also provided information on how to apply these alien polishes, they wrote: "Simply apply and dry like regular nail polish and then lick - again and again and again to taste why the world's favourite chicken is Finger Lickin' Good," they wrote.

So if you love KFC and you’re a prolific nail biter then I’m sure this news has at least made your day. Personally I can’t eat KFC as I’m allergic to what they cook the chicken in so unless I want fingers the size of houses I may have to pass on trying this bizarre beauty launch. 

I would love to know what your thoughts are on the KFC beauty launch, leave your thoughts and opinions down in the comments!


Thursday, 12 May 2016

The struggles of being a romantic in 2016

No matter what anyone says there is still romantics out there. You just have to find us. We're often spotted staring at flower stalls for too long as we walk past, in the romance novel section of a library and sadly what seems to be our rare breed has ended up on yup you guessed it, Tinder.  
Sadly we do seem to be a dying breed in the modern dating world. A world where you go for a drink and end up fucking in the back of their car two hours later. Swiping left unless you want to fuck the shit out of them purely judging by their looks and of course, Netflix and Chill.
So here are the struggles I have encountered:
If you text him something sweet or thoughtful he will probably raise an eyebrow and think that you're too keen. Well I'm sorry for my compliment on your profile picture, I take it back now.

Flowers? What even is a flower anymore? To me the flowers are like mermaids, do they even exist?
The cut off. Ah ladies, the cut off. Exactly two weeks after talking one of you will just stop replying. For no reason. Well I suppose you got bored and found someone else on Tinder who is better looking, sassier and has a better job than me. Yeah well, do they have my charming attitude to life? Probably.
'Is it a date? Or is it not?' Is the line 'would you like to go on a date with me?' Ever used? And by the third date you're still clueless. And then you start thinking 'should I just go back on Tinder if he doesn't like me?' And that is when the romantic breed starts to die out.

Never over text them. So something exciting happened at work? You got a promotion? You had a car crash? You broke your back? Great tell your dog because they probably do not care. On the other hand I want to know about your day, tell me about your dickhead of a boss, your bus broke down? Great give me the juicy details.

I'm writing this on a train back from London and a women next to me reading over my shoulder is nodding so at least one person agrees with me.

How does modern dating make you feel? Let me know in the comments because I for one find it just simply odd.


Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Types of bad sex every body has had...

If you're flaunting your sex life and how perfect and fabulous it is you're lying and everyone knows it. No one has had a perfect sex life, we've all had that awkward experience where you head butt the bed (or the guy), fall off the bed or worst of all the guy starts helping himself to your fruit bowl the morning after a one night stand.

Sex is seen as hot and erotic but sometimes, just sometimes it's awkward and funny and you know what, that's okay! Sex doesn't have to be flawless or like a porn video, sometimes you will bump heads but you've just got to keep on going. And that is the only tip you will need from me on the matter.

Being on Mars and Venus when it comes to changing position

Literally like you're on different planets. 'Should we do...' 'Yeah' *crash* 'oh you meant that position'. We've all been there when you thought you were skilled enough to read their mind but you really couldn't.

He called me Jane buts that not my name

Yes, yes I have experienced being called the wrong name. His excuse 'my cat is called Jane and I was thinking about how I forgot to feed her this morning.' At the time I wasn't sure what was worse, did I look like his cat? Am I that boring that he is thinking about his cat? What kind of cruel person forgets to feed their cat? And of course, I hope it is his cat and not a poor girlfriend.

I can't believe I just said that

When you're put on the dreaded spot of 'talk dirty to me' and blurt out the most random crap and quotes from 50 Shades of Grey.

Ex on the brain

We all do it... In fact that's why I got called Jane, turns out he still loves Jane. You go Jane!

I so thought I'd done that...

When you thought you'd had a shave downstairs and in fact haven't so now you're coming up with an excuse 'my dog ate my razor', 'the shop sold out'. Or that awkward moment when you thought you had cleared everything off your bed but no, all your cuddly toy dogs, self help books and various other crap is still all spread out on your bed.

Fuck and chuck...

When the guy thinks they're macho and chucks you around during sex so that you fall into a bedside table, spill orange juice all over your coursework and revision and have bruises for weeks. Yupp.

I would love to know your awful and embarrassing sex stories, leave them in the comments or email me at so that we can giggle together!


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Swimwear wish list - the ultimate guide to looking sexy and sassy this summer

Even though it is raining pretty heavy in England right now I am still open minded that we will have a fabulous summer where I can paint my toe nails white for three months straight, get a tan and drink instagramable cocktails in the glistening sun.

And what is more summery than swimwear shopping? I am so impressed this year as there is just so many options out there right now in the shops for all different sizes so that every woman can feel comfortable, sassy and sexy while drinking that instagramable cocktail that I talked about.

So if you know me even a tiny amount you will know my, quite frankly understandable love for they just hit the nail every season, every day and yeah you get the point. So to give you a little inspiration I pulled together my favourite swimwear looks for summer 2016.

I think the shark swimwear costume is just too cute, who doesn't want happy little sharks on their boobies? Slogans are a massive trend this year on costumes and I'm loving it. As you can tell... I am dying to get my hands on a low cut costume this year.

What style of swimming costumes do you find flatter you best? If you want me to write a post on' having confidence with your swimming costume' let me know in the comments. 

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