Sunday 26 February 2023

The best hook-up I ever had... was on a balcony butt-naked in broad daylight

Feeling the breeze between my tits as I was humped repeatedly, I couldn't help but smirk at the vacationers below who were clueless.

My best hook-up took place on a balcony abroad in Spain with my partner at the time after one too many cocktails down by the pool.

Drunkenly making our way back up to our hotel room after a day's drinking, we decided it best to shower and get changed for dinner.

In true holiday fashion, we grabbed Lays crisps on the way and sat on the edge of our bed chowing down. Both ravenous with hunger, sex was the last thing on our minds until the last crumbs were finished.

I always need a cigarette following a meal, no matter the size, so I headed to our balcony to light one up even though it was forbidden to smoke on the premises. However, nothing that went down on that balcony all holiday was moral of us; thus, I lit up.

Donning a pretty pink silk kimono-styled-dressing gown I'd brought specially for the trip, I paired on underneath its matching underwear set and felt very good about myself.

Pulling in a drag from the fag and staring out at the palm trees, as the sun went down and people headed to the restaurants on the strip, I smiled as I took in the memory I knew I'd never want to forget.

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Interrupted by a hand sliding down my back above the kimono, I turned my head to see my boyfriend at the time giving me the 'look', the one that says, "slide your knickers off now."

As commanded, I did and began heading into the apartment before he grabbed my throat and told me to be a "good girl and stay right where you are."

I did, of course, turn back to my view over the balcony. With my back to him, as he pressed up against me, whispering what he was about to do to me in my ear as he kissed my neck, I felt my knees go weak from all the excitement rushing to my head.

Moving his hand down to my naked vagina as my knickers lay on the balcony floor, he used his other free hand to peel off my robe, leaving me in just my bra.

Placing a single finger in me as I was already soaking wet, like a pro, he unclipped my bra in one go.

Naked and lost in the thrill, I let him have his way with me on that balcony, and I didn't give a fuck who was watching.

In fact, a significant factor of the thrill was hoping someone would catch us. But nobody did...

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