Sunday 19 May 2024

THE VavaViolet Dictionary: Why we use and Cap up the Lingo we do

As some are aware, we have chosen to dub you a Goblin. While it may not seem sexy or sensitive, it is the greatest compliment. Goblins notoriously give little to no fucks, and neither do any of us! Their vast intelligence and curiosity lead them to great treasures, as we plan to do for you. To do this, we must learn the world of VavaViolet together and why some things are so Significant they need to be Bold!  

Here are the words and phrases for which we cap the first letter!

Disclaimer: We did not invent these words or phrases; we are doing so merely to add humour to conversations, which sometimes get extremely heavy.

  • Goblin/Goblins

A Goblin is you, whoever stumbled across this treasure. Let your misbehaviour know no bounds. 

"Look at that Goblin over there, Gobbling away."

  • Giggly Goblin

A Giggly Goblin is one in a state of laughter, the uncontrollable type for which they look insane.

"I am a Giggly Goblin today; I can not stop Giggling."

  • Gobble/Gobbling

A Goblin who can not be quiet, even for a minute.

"I wonder if that Gobble Goblin will ever stop Gobbling."

  • Crush/Crushes

A Crush is someone whom you greatly admire and respect. The Goblin must cause chaos in many places, but never with a Crush/Crushes. 

"My Crush is really cool, I can't dislike them."

  • Black Cat/Black Dog

A Black Cat is a divine woman who knows she has it going on, flexing occasionally instead of flaunting what she offers. A Black Dog is the same but in male form.

"Look at that Black Cat and Black Dog; they make such a good team."

  • Hot Woman/Women

A Hot Woman is similar to a Black Cat but not defined by personality. She is Beautiful, Busy and a Boss in her lane.

"My Hot Woman has six jobs."

  • Hot Man/Men

A Hot man, again, is the same in the male form. He is respectful and kind, never pushy.

"My Hot Man don't bullshit when it comes to me."

  • Hot Trans Folk/Hot Gays

The same as the two above, but for our Friends in the Trans and Gay community. 

"The Trans and Gays are too Hot for the straights."

  • Sis/Bro

People whom you respect and wish related but are not.

"Sis, I wish we were cousins or some shit."

  • Busy Boy/Lady/Bitch/Witch

A clever way to address someone you need to reach ASAP but know to be very Busy.

"Hello, Busy Boy; this needs your attention immediately."

  • Homie

Someone who gets it and does something about it.

"Homie out here taking action."

  • Business/Boss

For a person who owns a Business or is the Boss of a company, it is genuinely best to keep their Ego happy.

"My Boss is so Brilliant."

More words are constantly added. Do not be a Lazy Goblin; stay educated.

By VavaViolet Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman.


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