Monday 31 October 2022

Sexual energy makes you a threat, not a disgrace | Editor’s Letter

Slut-shamed and told not to “talk like a man,” it wasn’t until I witnessed Samantha Jones empowering raunchy one-liners on Sex and the City during my acne-riddled teen years that I realised I too could be free in my sexuality and still be a professional. I am entitled to harness the significant power source of sexual energy, and I can use it to motivate me to access pleasure not just during sex but in life itself.

Samantha, many other powerful characters and sex and relationship influencers, such as Dami Olonisakin (famously known online as Oloni), and publications such as Cosmopolitan taught me that owning my sexual energy doesn’t make me disgraceful; it makes me a threat. 

It’s a source of energy I’ve tapped into ever since to live a pleasurable life, and it is thanks to every woman and man before me who has been tearing down the patriarchal walls throughout history. 

Here at VavaViolet Magazine, we are excited to relaunch as a platform dedicated to helping empower people’s sexuality, love lives and freedom. We are proud to join the mission many have walked before us as we continue diminishing the patriarchy by ripping its idiocy apart. 

We want our readers to know it is okay to be their sexual selves confidently. We want you to know it is always your choice. We want you to know it’s your life, no one else’s. Whether your sexual energy is tame or wild, there is no shame in living in your authenticity with boundaries intact. 

With VavaViolet Magazine by your side, we will show you what life feels like when you take your power back and teach you why for as long as we can recount in the history books, the patriarchy fears sexual energy the most.

And it’s one hell of a story.

One we plan to tell by revisiting The Sexual Revolution this month. 

We also have interviews with Only Fans Stars, sex workers and relationship experts all month to delve into our pleasure.  

As well as bedroom tips, such as the raunchiest places to do the deed. 

There will also be hook-up stories from our readers, how to get complimented on oral sex techniques, and exploring unusual orgasm side effects. 

And so much more!

Join us this month and every month after to make the most of your pleasure, not just in the bedroom but in life itself. 

By VavaViolet Magazine’s Founder & Editor, Sophie Blackman.

PS: To send in article requests, drop us your best hook-up story, or want to get in contact, email


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