Wednesday 26 June 2024

THE Bringing Sexy Back Guide: Why turning yourself on is key to sex appeal & sexual power

Feeling "sexy" is the same as any self-belief; your mindset programs it and dictates what you believe. You allow your brain to select the category your appearance (your mere shell) falls into - and you always have. The good news here is this: the main thing you need to do to unlock your sex appeal and sexual power is turn yourself on.

Before we begin breaking down the limiting beliefs some minds reading along may have, I will break down what being "sexy" means to different people and explain how this sways our vision towards ourselves. 

For some, it is just, as I stated, a mindset. They think they have alluring qualities, and in most people's eyes, possessing this confidence alone is appealing. Therefore, they are often either dubbed a "sex icon" or "self-obsessed," depending on who is judging. 

To others, being "sexy" is something to be achieved/earned. It isn't. You are already worthy of feeling and dubbing yourself such a compliment. To be classed as "sexy", especially in our books at VavaViolet Magazine, VavaViolet Vita, VavaViolet Public Relations, VavaViolet Radio and Sex in the Shed and me, Sophie (also most recently known as Gremlin Blackman), is to be merely self-confident and to own it in everything you do and say.

Some of you will read along thinking, "This is all well and good, but I have tried to feel sexy forever, and nothing works." Perhaps you have not met me yet. 

Let me introduce myself;

I am a 27-year-old Hertfordshire rock star who has written about sex and relationships across the press throughout my journalism career. When I began said job a decade ago, I was a heavy lady, but I still programmed my mind to - in some people's opinions - be "delusionally sexy", nonetheless it worked; I have always felt like a "sex icon," and I will forever more - daily and intensely I will scream through my aura "I am a sexy cunt."

I was a size 16-18 three years ago, and after dropping ten dress sizes down to a 6/8, I have seen most spectrums of sex appeal and power. I have witnessed and experienced being dubbed "delusional" in my attempts to better myself as a chubbier woman to being obsessively glorified and stalked for being "too hot". Neither are my problem or concern; they are societies. 

The reason I am such a sexy cunt comes down to this simple fact; I get myself off a lot, and I do a world-class job of it.

Indeed, my masturbation sessions alone are rock-star-worthy, as some will know if you have read my column with Daily Star Online for the past three years, where we have reviewed and experienced so many different sex toys together. 

For this reason, playing with my pleasure and doing it so well, without even trying, I have been told throughout life I give off an "I'm a sexy cunt, and I know it" vibe.

So, here I am, advising you to go and shove something in yourself or give yourself a rub. Do it to feel sexy; do it to feel like a fucking rock star.

Then, come back to this article because I will be updating it live all night and all day tomorrow with more tips from myself (most of them outside of sexy time) and comments from some of the best experts in the entire world.

See you again real soon, Sexy Goblins...

Written by VavaViolet Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman


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