Saturday 29 June 2024

The best hook-up I ever had... was a threesome in front of a crowd with the men my ex hated most

I smirked as their cocks slid inside me for the first time, I could not help how wet I was or the sick smirk spreading across my smile as I thought about how my ex no longer owned me; the ones he despises most do now.

It is fair to say I hate my ex if that is not evident. So much so that the second I got within range of people he disliked, I offered myself up for revenge—one my former lover will never know about, but I do, and so do his secondary school foes—and we still smirk as we sin together over it to this day.

Why did I go to a pub and seek out these chaps my ex-boyfriend hated for a romp? Because I was the wrong one to harm.

Keeping it real, the guy had treated me like shit our entire relationship, from being physically abusive to mentally; I needed him out of my life, head and memories. The most fitting way to accomplish this, in my mind, was to fuck someone(s) that would cause him pain - toxic, significantly... Satisfying, very.

It was a Friday, and the atmosphere was flirty when I strutted into Jacob's* local with two friends by my side; they knew the mission and what was about to go the fuck down.

Before we arrived at the bar, we heard "Ladies," glancing over were the handsome men my ex-boyfriend could never stand since they went to school together. They were looking right into my eyes.

The idea of letting these men have their way in whatever and whichever way they wanted with me had already entered my mind too many times. Every time I touched myself following the breakup, I would picture how this would go down if we were in the same room, eyes locked, and now we were.

I turned my sex appeal up through the light in my eyes, telling them I was already theirs to share for the night.

It was not long after, in entire honesty, that their fat cocks were filling every inch of me and both holes too. 

Leaning into me at the bar, our bodies flirted through slight touch, the alcohol lingering on their breath only made me more temporarily drunk in lust for sex. I had never wanted a man to put it in me more than I wanted them to tackle me to the floor and rip my clothes off. 

I wanted to beg them to be my doms for the rest of my life - in that intense moment. I kept my cool, kept it flirty, and within 15 minutes, they were manhandling me up against the wall in the smoker's pit, stroking my pussy into worship, and placing a hand over my mouth to stop my soaking sobs.

Slowly pushing two fingers inside of my throbbing vagina, I breathed into one of their necks as I let four others in the smoking area watch me get finger fucked, including the security guard. 

Jacob entered my vagina first, while Cliff* picked me up and entered me from behind. The pair fucked me hard and rough, switching me around mid-air as the security stroked his cock.

It was not my first rodeo being a little slut for more than one man at a time or even in front of a crowd. I'm a regular dogger who loves hanging out of a man's van or sports car, grinning wildly ear-to-ear as man after man enters both of my holes. I have always been a cock monster.

However, now, I'm my ex-boyfriend's most disliked gentlemen's personal porn star; and they can have me whenever and whichever way they want.

The names of the two lads have been changed for confidentiality.

Hook-up account from a reader. The article was edited by VavaViolet Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman

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