Monday 7 November 2022

The best hook-up I ever had… was with my best friend's ex-boyfriend

I had fancied him for years, but as he used to date my best friend, it was always a no go for me. I am firmly a girls girl, so no matter the undeniable connection between us, I would never pursue it, or so I thought... 

I was 18 and didn't know what love was; I just knew what I had seen in High School Musical and wanted that.

As we got older, we all drifted apart. My friend and the guy I was crushing on split up, and we moved on with our lives. I heard he had moved away, and naturally drifting, the best friend and I didn't have much in common. 

She was into partying every weekend, and I was more the adventurous type wanting to go out and see the world. I still, to this day, don't have a bad word to say; we just grew apart.

I got a friend request from him randomly one day out of the blue, and I felt mixed emotions. Why did he message after all this time, and what did he want?

I accepted and pinged that first message, "Long time no speak. You missed me?"

After talking for hours, I remembered so much; it was like we had never stopped. Once we were all caught up, the conversation took a turn. 

He asked, "So, are you single then feel like I owe you a proper date as I was too scared to ask you years ago?"

"Thought you'd never ask," I replied.

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We agreed to meet up and go for a drive, grab a coffee, and have lunch. We were both newly single and didn't have anything to lose, and I don't think I ever truly believed that anything would come of it.

We met up and talked for hours. He made me laugh and was a super cheeky guy. We clicked on so many levels, so I wasn't surprised when he went in for the kiss. I had secretly dreamt of this moment for years, and it was finally happening. We agreed to take things slow to begin with.

Our first time together was beyond words. Let's say never have I been paid so much attention, and boy did I enjoy it. 

The sex wasn't just a quick thing. It lasted for hours, and it was clear how we had always felt about each other from the passion. It just took a while for us to realise it! 

Before we knew where we were, we ripped each other's clothes at any moment we had alone together. 

It just felt right. His hands wandered over my whole body, and the coldness on my skin made me shiver every time. 

Some places we ended up doing were out of our comfort zone, but I found him far too desirable to deny. 

Who would have known eight years ago that we would still be together today?

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