Monday 24 June 2024

Men's Mental Motivated: VavaViolet's promise to ALL of our male readership

Since I began a career in journalism, I have met many men, from those who have killed to males who, while still breathing, had their minds murdered. Whether a good guy or a bad boy, you tend to have one thing in common; you are deadly alone. It is for this reason I, Sophie Blackman, have decided to focus my sex and relationship expertise on men, your mental well-being and lifestyles, which hopefully will result in you becoming a happier Gentleman Goblin.

As most of you gentlemen know, we get on very well. A lot of us are "best friends" and yap daily about our shitty and miserable existence. Whether we merely send back-and-forth memes and reels or we yap until we fall asleep (admittedly I am very selective with those I'll yap to nap with, as the energy you are around does affect you) nonetheless, for ten years we have been the best of friends.

Some of you have been here two years, others two weeks. Regardless, you know these four things about me, the Editor-in-Chief of VavaViolet Magazine: I'm blunt, often grumpy, hate most people (society as a whole) and have World Record-worthy sleeping issues.

Most, if not all of you Busy Boys, relate to me on all my issues (I have lots more, won't bore you with my problems we are yapping about yours right now). Thus, it seems most fitting I use my wealth of wisdom on sex, dating and relationships to help those who relate with me most: Gentleman Goblins.

You guys have been so good to me, you truly have. From listening to me cry down the phone, to giggling over webcam while fucking Creepers up on Minecraft. We have got through a lot together, and we will get through so much more.

I will, of course, still write for everyone. I am a girl's girl at heart. I just share the agonising lonely feeling constantly consuming my chest that most men do in current society. That's all. 

Content for my fellow Hot Women will commence; that will never stop. All that will change is I will be carrying out extensive research on male psychology, history, science, etc.

Think of me as "Doctor Blackman," (that's hot, I approve of it), who is going to attempt to fix that lonesome hole in your chest and mind.

I look forward to playing Xbox/PC games with you (something exciting is launching this week) and yapping until none of us feel alone.

Yours sincerely,

VavaViolet Magazine's Editor-in-Chief, Sophie Blackman.


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