Thursday 20 June 2024

The Black Cat trend is killing people and children: Don't let the dangerous die | Editor's Letter

I, Sophie Blackman, an established and lifetime member of the Black Cat Society, have more to say on this subject than I ideally should. Everyone needs to read along; you could save a loved one or yourself. 

We will begin by gaining a collective understanding of what defines the Black Cat character. It goes as follows: A Black Cat individual needs to be in solitude to feel satisfied and safe. "Needs" is the crucial word choice.

Black Cats are most often mentally unwell; it is why they need to be by one's self. The world/society is too much for them. It's unbearable and likely causes them great pain - this fact they would usually never let up; however, this Fierce Feline is fed up with being ostracised.

I used the word "dangerous" in the headline not for effect, but because of truth. We can be a danger, and we most certainly are a threat to society.

Saying this, it is important to address this. Most become a Black Cat not by choice, no one wants to be alone; nobody one wants to be lonely. We all want the same thing; to find someone to trust, who gets it and will always at least try to understand.

Black Cats are the best in society at this: there, I said it. We are, we could lead armies out of hell.

We know the power of keeping a secret, we know the pleasure in living boldly, and we have the privilege of not giving a single fuck. 

We also love ourselves and take great care in bettering ourselves and are kind people, we want the very best for you and in the truest manner because we don't need anything from you. 

Sure, Black Cats enjoy having friends; I have so many I can not keep up or visit them all in a year. I often do not attend parties and could not care less if an invite arrives. 

In truth, I have so many friends sometimes it makes me stress. For example, I won't be able to afford most of them to come to my wedding (I say while currently crushing on only me) unless I rake in millions soon. 

Thankfully, my fellow feline friends do not care if I take a minute to get back to them, thus, I adore them and would use up one of my nine lives for them. But if to be friendly with the darkest putty cat on the block you must remember this; we were marvellous before you, and we're the type to only get better. 

It is why we make such good friends and lovers, it is also why we must go to such degrees to protect our auras. The most deadly of society always lurk for the kitty kat; they know what we can get done, and how quickly. They want to quite literally "go full Vampire and drain our life force."

To avoid the Energy Vampire, I recommend reading my recent pieces, "The more clever I get, the less I want or need to fall in love | Opinion" or if you need to get rid of one, read "THE Breakup Guide: Evolve your universe, duality, and Yoni so exes never faze again".

The main issue with the Black Cat trend, which is rearing again over on TikTok with mostly teens gushing "The golden retriever and the black cat are said to be a perfect romantic pairing," is this, it is encouraging people to be alone with their mental health and wellbeing.

Deadly. It is a death sentence to teach this to our young. I am telling you right now, as a 27-year-old woman who has been so mentally unwell since five years old that I have to hide away that most can not hack this lifestyle.

It is not a trend, it is not "cool". It's fucking sad is what it is. It's devastating that people feel so judged, so frightened, so nervous to be their very best that they would rather die of loneliness. 

I beg society to stop sending people to our hell. Stop cursing children and teens with so much bad luck the world steps away from them.

And while you're at it, leave those of us who have accepted, own and thrive in our Black Cat character to do what the fuck needs to be done.

I feel as though I have concluded what I needed to in this Editor's Letter. We shall be speaking on this topic many times, in intense and interesting detail.

By Sophie Blackman


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