Wednesday 11 August 2021

9 affordable creative date ideas to test if they're really the one

In this day and age, there is an expectation of big fancy dates to impress and cheap date ideas can be hard to come by. 

Unfortunately, we don't all have disposable cash to spend on exquisite dinners out, but with a little imagination, there are some exciting and different things you can do for a good time on a smaller budget.

You don't need a fat bank account to have a wild time, you need to get creative - and heck, get romantic!

Here are nine suggestions to spice up your dates without breaking the bank or arguing over the bill:

Spend £1 on a lottery ticket and spend the evening imagining what you'll do with your winnings. 

Go for dinner or have a picnic and discuss what you would do for your dream holiday, describe your ideal home, or discuss who you would share the money with. 

You can talk openly about your dreams with each other and it encourages you to talk about money which sometimes can be a touchy subject in relationships. 

It's a fun way to get to know another and see their priorities, and it will bring up many stories you can bounce off one another.

At the end of the date, scratch the card. 

If you win millions, now thanks to us you're going to make double by sharing this crazy tale.

Nonetheless, if it's a loss, you had a date likely more comical than the movies.

Embrace your inner child and build a blanket fort inside for a cosy, low-key date night where you don’t have to worry about the weather.

Have a picnic, watch a movie or just a cosy place to sit and talk about things. 

You can use any items you can find around the house to build it making it completely free! 

By building it together you are not only having fun but working on your communication with one another and problem-solving. 

Great way to see if you make a good team too...

You don’t need to travel halfway across the world to get the perfect photo or have somewhere to sit and enjoy the view. 

You can simply look up beautiful views in your area and take your pick. 

It could be going to a rooftop to look at the skyline, climbing a hill with a good view overlooking the countryside or finding a viewing point at your local airport and watching the planes go in and out.

This can be super relaxing and looking at beautiful things often makes you at ease. 

If you live in a built-up area, just driving a little out of it at night to somewhere a bit more rural can make for an amazing view of the stars! 

It is something that is difficult to photograph with a smartphone so it encourages you to just embrace it. 

Also, it opens up the avenue to have maybe more difficult conversations about life after death, religion and the universe, topics that are rarely talked about by those on dates but are important when pursuing a life with one another.

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Bikes are super cheap to hire if you don’t already own one. 

Many cities in the UK now also have cheap cycle hire schemes which mean you can pick a bike up on the street for as little as £2.  

They can be a really good way to cover a large area and see lots of different places, also they are great exercise! 

It also takes the pressure off of having a full face to face conversation which can be pretty intense. 

Many of these places are usually free to walk around and can unveil some amazing secret treasures of interesting things, from food to clothes and antiques all without breaking the bank. 

You don't even have to buy anything, but if you do why not set yourself a small budget of £5/£10 each, pick a topic and spend the day finding the best bargains for that money. 

Another great idea is to buy a whole outfit from these places for the other person to wear which can show your creativity and sense of humour.

If you're really brave and getting on like a house on fire not dare to wear the outfits to dinner.

Going out for dinner can feel intense and awkward at the best of times for a first date and it can also work out to be very expensive! 

There is then also that moment and question of who pays the bill which can cause conflict straight away. 

Instead, why not skip straight to dessert: It's cheaper, shorter and more indulgent, so makes for a great first date for anyone with a sweet tooth.

We're all culprits of never actually seeing the sights in the place we live in. 

So why not break out of normal routine and explore what is right under our noses! 

Look up where you live on the internet and there will be lots of free activities or things to see, many that you may not have even known existed. 

Go for a walk, jump on the bus and just have a day filled with adventure, by being playful and exploring a sense of adventure brings out other attractive qualities. 

If you fancy a night in, upgrade your usual Netflix and chill, dinner or a movie to a full video game sesh. 

Bring your favourite snacks and drinks and play a game together. 

You could also make cocktails and play whilst drinking which could make the games highly entertaining.

It can be together or separately but it will show off your competitive side to one another and make for an absolute laugh! 

By Sophie Blackman.


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