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From A to Z, A list of kinks and fetishes you may not have heard of

From lusting over criminals to being turned on by mirrors, here are 26 fetishes you may not have known existed. 

Kinks and fetishes are becoming more mainstream. Nonetheless, many are still treated as awkward and taboo simply because they are not understood.

More and more people are scouring the internet in secret, looking for a name for the kinks they fantasise about but look no further. We have got you covered.

Whether you are looking to try something new with your partner, or explore different things, exploring other kinks and fetishes is an excellent way. 

To begin with, it may feel intimidating, but first, you need to understand the difference between the two. 

A kink is defined as a sexual activity that falls outside of sex that society traditionally considers "acceptable.". In contrast, a fetish technically refers to an attraction to an inanimate object, although this includes body parts. So, the confusion comes in because a fetish is a type of kink.

Before we begin any sexual encounter, you must have the 3 C's - consent, compromise, and communication. Make sure you are open with your partner and discuss your boundaries, but open your mind and get into the list...

This is a fetish for high heels, either looking at them, wearing them or doing things with them. 

For some people, their partner wearing them is enough to go weak at the knees, but there is way more to it for others. 

Some people like to be stepped on or scratched – but this can be dangerous so do your research first!

With the rise of Fifty Shades of Grey, Bondage and BDSM became extremely popular. 

It is a form of restraint, and it is one of the most common sexual fantasies. 

Some people enjoy being tied, whereas others get their fix from tying up someone else. 

Typical bondage starter kit must-haves include handcuffs, tape or rope. Of course, you can start simple and build it up - we recommend that route.

This is where a couple agrees that one party sleeps with someone else and humiliates the other person, which turns them on. 

Sometimes the mere thought of the partner being with someone else is enough, and there is no need to act upon it. 

This kink can also be performed virtually through dirty talk or virtual sex.

Dominance is all about consensual power exchange. This kink is all about taking control. 

The dominant partner gets sexual gratification from this - and the sub too if their thing.

Although many books and films have now made this more mainstream, they are not wholly accurate. 

You don't have to sign a contract or have it stem from childhood trauma. Consent from both parties is good enough.

This is the sexual pleasure from electricity. 

For some, simple electric shocks are enough on erogenous zones in the body to provide pleasure. 

A TENS machine can provide everything you desire. However, caution is needed as people can put themselves in great danger to achieve this and safety precautions should be taken.

This is one of the most common but also the most denied fetishes. 

It is as simple as it sounds someone being turned on by feet, even thinking about them. 

They can get off through massaging, kissing and caressing them. 

Some people enjoy smelling feet of even shoes, but there is a broad spectrum to this fetish like most things. 

Both parties can enjoy it as even if it doesn't turn you on, you still get a free foot massage!

So many people have glasses but never wear them – even when they should! A common one that is often used in pornography. 

Think about it many love a sexy secretary, librarian, or teacher in the adult movie industry, and they are almost always wearing glasses. 

This is an easy thing to explore for beginners and can be done cheaply to a win-win!

Everyone loves a bad boy, right? This fetish is about those that have an intense attraction to the most dangerous criminals. 

They often feel compelled to write to them in prison or look at those who are household names. 

It is said that people with this fetish are usually those with low self-worth and those who firmly believe that they can help.

The national lockdown was a nightmare for many, but this sounds like more of a dream for others. 

Blocking out the outside world and being forced to focus on one emotion can be powerful. Therefore, it is often used in BDSM scenarios where one of the turn-ons takes a sense away. 

Maybe explore using headphones or even a blindfold.

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It is often called Shibari. It is a type of bondage where the person is tied with rope. 

Often it is very intricate and can be challenging to master. Still, there are lots of tutorials on the internet that you can find. 

Its aim is not always sexual, but the designs are aesthetically pleasing. 

One thing we recommend is maybe practising first on a pillow. It could be awkward if you are home alone and tied up in knots.

Ever find the mirror houses at the funfair more amusing than you should? This is a fetish for mirrors. 

Those with this fetish just love all things mirrors stripping, shagging or self-pleasuring in front of them. 

A simple way to try is to attach a mirror to the ceiling above your bed. 

Who knows, it may heighten your pleasure - or give you nightmares if you wake up and forget it's there.

As you may expect, many get arousal from these various types of clothing, but all for different reasons. 

The way that lace is see-through but protects some of your modesty means some find it irresistible. 

The leather hints at 1940's pin-up models, and the lycra/latex can be shiny and cool to the touch. 

All of them mean you can dress up and transform yourself into something that can make you feel sexy and empowered.

Another pandemic pleaser, people that are turned on by those wearing masks. 

The main attraction is the idea of quickly changing your visual appearance and the ability to become anyone else.

Perhaps you can get more use out of your masks than you thought!

Are you someone who enjoys erotic fiction or talking dirty? Then, this kink may apply to you. 

It is precisely for audio, and the visuals happen inside your head. 

Just hearing sexual stories spoken by a partner or recorded is enough and can be achieved very quickly. 

Ask your partner to send a voice note of what they want to do to you, and you are well on your way.

Both of these things are caused by the sexual arousal from smells. 

It can be triggered by anything but Olfactophilia is usually bodily smells from the more active parts. In contrast, Ozolagnia is any smells that aren't from the body. 

These would be easy to explore – why not work together to bake something like cookies, analyse the smell, and see if it does anything for you? If not, just eat them and have a laugh doing it.

Size really does matter for those with this fetish. 

Fellow size queens, this is simply put, the urge to have sex with huge penises. 

I mean enough said really, but it may take a lot of attempts to fulfil this.

This is a fetish for hands. It can be an attraction to fingers, smoking hot hands or just a fabulous manicure. 

Whether it is the idea of what the hands are capable of or the physical hands themselves, one person's chore is a hand fetishist's dream.

And if you're lucky enough to have a partner with this fetish, they will likely offer to pay for your manicures!

This one is a common fantasy. 

It comes from the thrill of ripping or fantasising about tearing clothes off of somebody you want to have sex with, which can cause uncontrollable desire. 

If you want to try this out, maybe just don't wear your favourite top, or you may not be getting it back in one piece.

The lights on lights off debate are not up for discussion for people with this fetish as it is a sexual preference for the darkness or nighttime.

It is also an easy way to try something new. 

Block out the light or put on a blindfold and focus on your other senses feeling in the darkness.

Do you know someone who loves technology a little bit too much? Maybe they are a technophile. 

As a sexual paraphilia, people want to use their vibrating controllers to play with themselves instead of playing games. 

A technophile may also fantasise about having sex with robots or other gadgets.

Also more popularly known as watersports or golden showers. 

This kink is for those people who find urination sexually arousing. 

There are many things you can do with urine, though the most common way to enjoy pee play is to give or receive golden showers.

To be honest, when attempting this kink, maybe try out in the actual bathroom to make clean up easier.

A voyeur is someone who derives sexual pleasure from watching others engage in sexual activity. 

Exhibitionists enjoy being watched, and voyeurs enjoy watching them, making these two kinks a common item at kink events. 

The issue with voyeurism is you need to make sure that they are being indulged consensually.

This is short for Wet And Messy. 

As the name suggests, it's a fetish for messy play using food or drinks. 

This can be things like custard or cream. WAM is also known as food play or sploshing.

This is the intense desire to form a particular union with those from a different place. 

Xenophiles are the kings and queens of holiday romance.

They also tend to love adventure and meeting new people.

One of the not so common fetishes is the fetish of having sex with baked goods. 

It is uncertain where this stems from, but it may have something to do with American Pie. 

All we suggest is don't get banned from the local bakers.

This is part of role play where you pretend to be different animals having sex. 

Yes, you read that right.

By Sophie Blackman.


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