Sunday 6 February 2022

Thoughtful Valentine's gift ideas for someone suffering from a Chronic Illness

With Valentine's Day just around the corner for people like me with a chronic illness, for many different reasons, it can't always be the romantic day we lust after. 

Even in a relationship, it can be challenging to enjoy a day of celebrating love. A chronic illness doesn't care if you have plans to be wined, dined, and swept off your feet. Sometimes it will just not allow it. 

And for those dating, it can be daunting enough as it is without throwing an illness into the mix. 

So if you don't know how to ask your loved one to adore you this Valentine if you're poorly or you want to support a lover with a chronic illness, here are some ideas for thoughtful but non-traditional gifts to give.

And remember, it isn't about how much money you spend or the material things. Simply talking to your partner about what they want or need is enough.

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One of the best gifts you can give someone who is ill is to help them with what they need or are feeling. 

Balancing your emotions can be difficult at the best of times, but throw pain, sickness and, in my case, shit into the mix, and it's a recipe for disaster. 

We are often too proud to ask for help. We plod through hoping for the best, but someone taking the time to listen and merely support is a simple yet effective gift.

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Do you need any help?

An act of service can be a great way to help someone with a chronic illness. 

Performing even the most basic of errands can be exhausting as well as challenging. 

A simple question asking what you can do to help will go a long way. 

Sometimes, those who are sick don't want to be a burden. Not having to run that errand and just relax and converse energy means that there is a higher chance we can celebrate later.

So, offer to run some errands on your lover's behalf this Valentine's Day!

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Spa day

If you want to splash the cash, you can't go wrong with a spa day. Most people cannot go wrong with self-care, and a little pamper in all the stress is a lovely gesture. 

If you want to go all-out, book a spa day but ensure that they have a relaxing and safe experience (Ie, make sure there are toilets on sight). 

Many people with chronic illnesses, as I am, are incredibly vulnerable going out, so there must be a toilet accessible.

However, if your loved one doesn't feel comfortable going out, why not take on the role of the masseuse and give them a massage.

Get yourself some oils and do it from the comfort of your home.


There is so many great meditation and online yoga classes on YouTube that you can do together. 

I find it calming and relaxing, and learning deep breathing techniques can really help with the pain in a future flare. 

For others, a simple face mask, a warm bath or even chocolate and a movie can really be a lovely and cheap way to enjoy your evening without overdoing it.

By Jessica Murray



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